• Life's better with a Beach Walker.

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Life's better with a Beach Walker.

Go further with a Beach Walker.

Life's better with a Beach Walker.

Start living again.

Purchase through your NDIS or My age care Plan

7 News, the amazing story of how we started.

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My Mum has a Beach Walker & says she couldn't go on the Beach without it, she walks for miles.

Julie P.

You can now walk on the Beach.

We are helping people with disabilities onto our beaches.

See how On 9 news, click here

Lovely being able to do a real beach walk with my dad. This is a fabulous idea giving people the opportunity to make new memories

Cheryl-Lynn H.

Freedom again.

Beach Walker Stories

This is fantastic for people who need assistance.

Hellen M.

Life really is better Beach Walker.

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It's been a pleasure working with you, & have no doubt in recommending your services in the future.

Amy B. Care Coordinator.

Go on, go for a walk®, with your Beach Walker.

From incredible walks on the beach feeling the sand & salt water on your feet, to exploring what nature has to offer while breathing in that fresh air. Feeling free & alive again. We have designed a custom modification to the once standard mobility walker. This was only achievable by the many years of life experiences & stories passed down through my loving family, friends & our love of the beach. Our Beach Walkers are available to help people live there lives to the fullest. If our product can help with assisting the ability of people in achieving their dreams & create amazing memories, then this is our success. You really can go further with a Beach Walker.

"I have an auto-immune illness that makes me so weak sometimes that I can't walk. This has made a massive difference for me.

Ron A.

I can use my legs now and its like gliding over air. It's taken me to a new level, and helped me feel more positive about my situation."

Ron A.

Beach Walkers make you feel free.

Bruce H.

Proudly Australian Owned & Made.

VIP Service & Social Support.

Click here to see Channel 9 News story on our VIP Service

Hire a Beach Walker

What an absolutely brilliant idea for people with difficulties walking on the beach.

Leonie B.

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Beach Walkers in Paradise®


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